Feeling Good as God’s Kid

May this day be one which makes you feel good about yourself and your life.  All of us know there are enough things going on to make us, at times, feel lousy.  Personally, we can be sick or in emotional pain.  There are a thousand ways people get down on themselves.  Our situations in life seldom are perfect.  So, how can we feel good about ourselves? 

The place I try to begin each day is the sheer fact that life is a gift.  I never forget that I have not lived forever.  If life is a gift, there must be a giver.  Ultimately, that Giver I understand to be God.  I know not all the people in the world think there is a God.  And many do not think God is somehow the giver of life---my life and your life.

But I am ok with the fact that not everyone believes in God. My belief is not contingent on every person believing.  I know I cannot prove God exists and is giver of my life.  Now, I don’t claim to understand all the mystery of that Giver’s action.  When I think about more than 6 billion people living at this moment in the world---all recipients of the Giver’s gift of life, my mind nearly frazzles.  And yet, believe it I must.  I must believe it because I am!  Because I am is the best proof for me.  

I have some small clue how it might be when I reflect on my own role as parent.  Biologically, I helped two little human beings come into the world.  Biologically speaking, I gave the gift of life---the Giver using me biologically.

Recently, my college celebrated graduation.  I remember the college graduations of both my girls.  Graduations are not a big deal in the totality of the universe, but certainly for each child and parent, a neat occasion.  I was proud of them.  I watched other proud parents at our recent graduation.  They are proud of their achievements, to be sure.  But they are not proud solely for their achievements.  They are proud just for her...or for him.  We can be proud of them just for being the human being they have become and can yet become.

Graduates feel good about themselves and it shows and they glow.  This became the clue to me why it is important that we keep and cultivate good images for God the Giver of life.  Appropriately, we use parent images.  I like to think about God as father and as mother.  I like to think God the father is proud of me and you – his children.

God is proud of us, regardless of our achievements.  Many of us will achieve.  Many will achieve great things.  But this is not the bottom line.   God is not a “results-driven” deity.  God is a “loved-crazed” father who wants his kids---you and me---to feel good about ourselves---so it shows and we glow!  God is a “love-crazed” mother who wants her kids to affirm the goodness of others.   

Relax…it is time to feel good about yourself as one of God’s kids.

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